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Aquaman Orm Villain Ocean Master Cosplay Costume

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Justice League Aquaman Orin Arthur Curry Cosplay Costumes Deluxe Full Set

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Aquaman Arthur cosplay costume

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Aquaman Cosplay Costume

Many years ago, Queen Atlantis fell in love with a human being,they gave birth to Arthur Curry, later known to the land as the Aquaman. In the process of growing up, Arthur accepted the rigorous training of the seabed instructor Vico, and was anxious to visit his mother. However, as a mixed-breed illegitimate child, this is a luxury. At the same time, Arthur's half-brother, Orm, became the king of Atlantis. He was dissatisfied with the poisoning and pollution of the land by humans on the sea, and planned to unite with other undersea kingdoms to launch a full-scale war against the land. In order to halt his ambition, Vico and Orm's fiancee, Mera, brought Arthur to the underwater world. Destiny drives Arthur to find the long-lost Trident and build a more open sea kingdom...