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Batman Cosplay Costume

Bruce Wayne (Bruce Wayne), that Batman (Batman) is the United States DC comic book super hero, debut in the "Detective Comics" (Detective Comics) No. 27 (May 1939), is the first comic history No super powers super hero. Bruce Wayne (Bruce Wayne) was born in the most wealthy family of Gotham - Wayne family. One night, parents with young Bruce watching the movie "Zorro" home, passing through a path when the robbery robbery. The gangster killed his parents in front of Bruce's face shot. Since then, Bruce has produced a strong desire to personally eradicate the evil, in order to prevent others from the same tragedy with him, by virtue of their extraordinary talent, Bruce used decades to travel around the world, visit the East or the top or The legendary fighting master, learning the factions fighting art, and the use of powerful financial resources to create a variety of high-tech equipment. After the day, he was the eyes of others in the eyes of the second generation, the playboy; night, he is the criminals frightened dark knight - Batman.