Captain America

Captain America Cosplay CostumesCaptain America Cosplay Costumes

Captain America, a Marvel Comics superhero, made his debut in Captain America Comics Issue 1 (March 1941), co-created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby and is considered a symbol of the American spirit. After the Ultron had a huge impact on the world, the Avengers had jointly protect humanity. But behind some political wrangling, some think it is necessary to control the supernatural power and actions of these superheroes. Therefore, a control measure was submitted. This measure is to ask the Union to comply with the requirements of the government. The development, progress and termination of tasks must be run by the government. This control measure has caused great controversy in the re-association. The most extreme and most irreconcilable opinion is the problem between Iron Man and Captain America. Therefore, the contradiction between the two allies broke out. And the "Civil War" at the reunion is also inevitable.

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